Bob Herbert really likes Obama

by Gimpei | 08:35 in |

Is it just me or is Bob Herbert's love affair with Obama starting to get a little creepy?

Before Herbert was boring because he would talk about social problems that still exist but no one cares about anymore. Now he's boring because he seems to have morphed into fluffer in chief. Fire the man damn it!

...Or keep him on if he starts to write about his dreams of Obama riding around on a white unicorn, and then the unicorn suggests that they stop at the beach and the unicorn asks if he can apply some tanning oil to Obama's back because he wouldn't want Obama to get burnt. No no no he wouldn't want that... And then the unicorn unzips itself and out comes... Bob Herbert. Oh God!


  1. Anonymous on 18 February 2009 at 11:30

    Was Bob Herbert ever good? I imagine he must have been fresh and young at some point. But a fresh and young Bob Herbert's as hard to imagine as a fresh and young Angela Lansbury.