Nice one governator

by Gimpei | 20:09 in |

Kudos to Arnold Schwarzenegger for fostering the debate for marijuana legalization. Although I don't smoke pot, I would be overjoyed if it were legalized.

It's a good strategy to make the argument on economic grounds, since there are a lot of prudes out there who can't accept the real argument for legalization: marijuana is not evil or dangerous. Indeed it is relatively harmless when compared to most of our legal vices: Alcohol leads to violent behavior; cigarettes cause cancer; gambling leads to penury; whereas marijuana leads to... lethargy and increased appetite. Who cares?

Legalization of harder drugs like cocaine and heroine are more debatable as they are more prone to abuse. However, given the effect that the drug "war" has had on countries like Columbia and Afghanistan, it may be a good idea to start looking at alternate solutions here as well. I'm open to suggestions.