Remember those times in High School when a girl you really liked was sitting next to you in class, but you'd had too much Mexican food the night before and thus were gripped by the sudden urge to expel gas? Such was your love that you persevered in holding back the flood, despite the excruciating pain. However, all your hard work was thwarted when your teacher told you to change seats so as to engage in group work. Your replacement turned out to be a down-right cad, an olfactory menace who passed gas with a frequency worthy of the northstream pipeline--including the moment when the two of you passed each other on the way to your new seats. Falsely accused, you received disgusted looks from both the cute girl where you were sitting before and the cute girl in your new location. Your teacher, a patchouli oil wearing ex-hippe, who hadn't bathed since 1969 continued the lesson unphased.

Well, my persecuted friend, there is a sartorial solution to your worries that I discovered while taking a cab: Shreddies!


  1. Anonymous on 2 December 2008 at 09:20

    So shreddies underwear destorys the very thing that shreddies cereal provokes. Capitalism at its best.

  2. Anonymous on 2 December 2008 at 11:20

    I'm confused. How do the Shreddies prevent your smelly opponent from letting one rip and blaming you?

    Are you proposing the replace all of his regular underwear with Shreddies?

    Or will you wear Shreddies and make sure the tag is visible so everybody knows that the disgusting odour couldn't possibly have come from you? Letting the tag show may be a credible signalling device, but I fear that it may perhaps signal too much and the target of your teenage affections may look elsewhere for spotty-faced and poorly-mustached comfort.